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Snoring Appliances in St Neots, Cambridgeshire

Why use snoring devices?

Snoring can affect your everyday life and your relationship with your partner. Many people who snore also suffer from sleep apnea.

This disorder is characterised by brief interruptions of breathing during sleep. These interruptions usually last 10 seconds or more and occur repeatedly at night, leading to restless sleep. Most patients are not even aware of this and will wake up tired and irritable and suffer from daytime sleepiness.

Snoring can often be cured simply by lifestyle changes such as weight loss, avoiding alcohol and giving up smoking.

In other cases, a snoring appliance that moves the jaw forward and opens up the airway may reduce or eliminate the snoring. This appliance consists of an upper and lower jaw splint. The design opens up the airway and does not affect breathing through the mouth.

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What our Patients say

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Priory Park are an excellent dental practice. I would recommend Priory Park to anyone seeking an excellent dental practice.
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Qaiser Ahmed
Excellent doctor (Andrew Fox) and equally excellent staff and surgery. They have been really supportive and guide in the best possible way. I have always got support and advice when needed. Highly recommend them.
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Peter Dawes
Priory Park is a great dental practice. Friendly, professional.just superb.
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Ian Sanford
Dr Fox is an excellent dentist and we never have to wait very long to be seen
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yvette dobney
Great dentist wouldn’t see anyone else .